Here’s a video by the parent company to Altama Footwear that talks about the manufacturing standards and process that goes into every pair of U.S. made Altama Jungle II boots. The attention to detail and quality is really impressive. Everything from using to quality cowhide leather uppers to the high quality polyurethane outsoles demonstrates a commitment to quality and the American soldier that deserves the best gear whether deployed to Afghanistan or working stateside. This is the Altama jungle boot with a rubber outsole with an aggressive lug bottom that features a full grain leather upper and 2000 grams of Thinsulate insulation. It has a little bit down on the time that the flexibility and has a hook and eye latch lacing system. The Altama jungle boot that’s going to keep your feet dry and also features a pair of polyurethane insoles and is very comfortable and durable and lasts for a very long time. If you’re looking for a tactical boots with the highest breathability, check out the jungle boot from the Altama today. Altama Footwear designs boots for Special Operations Units. The story behind it according to Altama is that they spent years talking Special Operations forces pictures of a wanted to see you in a boot. They put it into this boot which we did and put that in the Special Operations community year two of review and testing and once all the comments and reviews for taking into account. Altama jungle boot made boots have the best in durability. They’re a good pair of boots but there are definitely a lot of features incorporated in this boot that I really enjoyed. I think they knocked it out the park with the outstanding boot starting with the top the collar. I ran in them and not just had it but had the quality of a stretchy material was good. The boot tongue gave a nice secure fit and feels like it fits you well. Reinforced on the top of keeping tension on the insole of the boot which is designed to prevent the foot from moving inside the boot which is what causes blisters.  You can achieve nice tension over the tactical boot will not having too much feel like two different things. I think that’s the way they cut the boot more or less space play anyone who’s ever used boots sometimes you start getting shooting pain and I can almost feel like blood is pooling. The reason is is that you so tight across the Altama jungle boot of the foot for moving that you’re putting too much pressure on the shin and not allow you to expand. You don’t have this problem in the Rockies and I really appreciate that

A Look at the Tactical Altama Jungle Boot

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