Winter time the downside to Rocky s2v boots that is they run a little warm when it gets hot out so 80 degrees Plus working outside I start to get a little bit toasty that’s cuz the insulation auntie drop the insulation wrap up the 400 grams of thinsulate insulation and if you’re in a hot desert climate if you’re inside all day walking around doing my security or something that might be a good option for you my time using you so far as been in the winter time I’ve been down to 0 degrees and actually it was minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit when I was wearing these in the snow pretty darn warm wool socks and it’s a really good job if you’re moving around think there’s a food Nota man that keeps you warm when you’re just standing around all day but eventually the cold start to see through soles and you’ll start to feel the coldest in the vomit number hours or just standing in the snow so those are the negatives now for the positives eat a pita I Don’t Close Your triple Stitch like this is a weather exterior apply to but everything here is triple Stitch here here Cher also the soul is Ashley stitched to the rest of the boot send to the glue that they apply to on the underside of the soul that attaches to the booze well where’s my previous food they just had the flu you have a really nice catch that goes around the entire soul of the book where it needs the rest of poop and that is pretty darn cool either really comfortable boots

Rocky Boots

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