Altama Boots have been supplying US military forces for over 50 years. Unfortunately the parent company that owned Altama Boots filed for bankruptcy in 2014 and went out of business. Altama has since been acquired by Original Footwear, the same company that manufactures the Original SWAT boot brand made famous by law enforcement. Altama had recently relaunched several new lightweight models with side zips for the new U.S. Army OCP ACU just in time for the migration to this army uniform that will be completed in 2019. There an actual minerals military purchases from a company called us where they were $120 and they ship them for free. Altama boots like some family right up here at the toe seems really stiff I can’t get that the flex very well. Where they’re up there nor can I use a flex very well up the hill so I’m hoping that will break in a little better. My military boots shipped the next day which was that I got him super fast a few features of the spoon.  These Altama boots are made out of ballistic nylon and leather it’s got a 5-millimeter dropping.  This isn’t as good as the Bates boot brand my mind I would prefer the zero drop quite honestly. But on flat ground today I really couldn’t notice any elevation.  There no toe box so that’s going to give you that advantage as far as agility and balance. What I really like about this is being a boot it has an 8-inch upper and that’s going to really help keep the dirt out of here. Get the dirt out of the shower so I’m pretty excited about that as far as the lacing system you can see it has a speed lacing system. There really quick really quick and easy to maintain and they do have a Vibram sole. On in a different pattern than what’s on my Altama boots are very flexible but they’re definitely not there.

Altama Boots Releases Next Gen Footwear

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