Situation having a good pair of AR-670-1 boots is important not only to protect your feet but also to give your ankle support and give you a good traction and different scenarios that’s one of the things that so far is really looking for a good pair of boots that are solid piece of the 5-11 house eons and I’ve been looking at a lot of different 511 boots I’ve never had a pair and I really want to try them out because their gear is such Top Notch gear I mean made really specifically for a tactical situation so defensive courses and classes you know when I’m shooting and out you know in the woods having a good pair of boots is important we’re going to take these boots out and test him try I’m wearing for a while and just see what they’re made of and check out all the features and less you see if they are with a claim to be I wanted to go through a lot of the details of the booze before ever put them on my feet looking at a lot of the details and a lot of the features and things that you don’t overlook and so I’ve done quite a bit of research to find out what these are made of what are the advantages of this food I’m going to take these I’m going to where I’m going to wear I’m hard for a while and then we’ll do the review so this video this part of it it was made way before the review actually commences or get started at one of the things that 5-11 said was designing the house in Boots they wanted it to be the toughest most comfortable boot yet there’s a ton of different style boots and shoes so you know you go to the 511 website check it out but there its long-term cushioning in fact it’ll only lose 5% of its structure over an extended period of time it’s an open cell phone which is a 95 to 100% breathability And it’s also moisture management which should keep it from your foot is soaks down through and gets into any kind of horse trough your foot it also has a salt base antimicrobial and that fights fungus bacteria and odors and it is machine washable it’s super lightweight and as you can see you can pull these right out but that’s a really cool feature for this booth between of course the outer sold and the ortholite insoles this ameiva and this is a compressed molded ethanol vinyl acetate and that’s what’s amoeba stands for an acronym for those words now what does it actually is a high-performance cushioning it has a lower hilldrop and it’s very stable in his stable Ride Now what are things about a mood like this is a lot of times because of the man-made materials they can really pick up older they can really stink I can wear leather boots all day long and my feet are fine I can put on sometimes different like kings I have some Keen hiking shoes and any time I wear those things they just think I mean I don’t know what it is we’re going to find out one of the things they have one of the entire life but they use a silver and copper formula for the protection and silver is known to kill bacteria and so this is going to resist microbial growth inside the boot and we’ll find out about all that information

Best BOOTS for Ranger School

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