When it comes to selecting a pair of top-quality tactical boots, there are hundreds of different options on the market. In today’s modern environment, footwear technology and materials has become extremely advance and we are very fortunate to be able to have access to all of these advanced products for a reasonable price compared to 20 years ago when not many options were available when you wanted a quality pair of boots. All that was really available was the clunky traditional combat boots that were cheaply made and caused many foot problems and discomforts along the way. Times have changed with products such as the tactical research TR960 Khyber of that is one of the most cutting edge boot designs on the market today and comes at a very affordable price. I’m in a power point out some of the key features that come with this boot and make it one of the best-selling boots in my opinion on the market today. First off this boot is not made in the United States. It is made in China however the quality control of this product is extremely good. It is stitched in three different areas of so that reinforced stitching produces a outsole that will not separate from the high quality leather upper. It is authenticated and designed specifically for hot weather use. It was originally designed for soldiers in Afghanistan that would be operating in hundred degree weather for up to 15 hours every day. Tactical Research in cooperation with the Belleville shoe company produce this design in-house and there shoe designers came up with a high-quality combat boot which would wick away moisture even in extremely high temperatures.

Design Advantages of Tactical Research Khyber TR960 by Belleville Boots

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