The Tactical Research TR 960 Khyber boot was first introduced in 2007 answering the need for military personnel and law-enforcement looking for a lightweight tactical boot for high agility operations. Some of the design and use of this boot are a lightweight gi the a midsole which is a superior material at absorbing of the shock and helps with fatigue after long duty hours. Some soldiers complain of arch pain in the field but this can be avoided by using a high-quality insole such as super feet were just by using the stock TR one insole that it comes with. This is a credible value for military professionals looking for a high performance boot up for a low price. Of several different models are offered by Tactical Research. They include a waterproof, Gore-Tex model. A composite toe is a and as I certified for safety and hazardous environments and is electrically hazard safe for operations and airports and around x-ray machine. Some of the best design features include a full patent leather upper and by Bram outsole design with restive styling to ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable all day long whether you’re in the field traversing over mountains on loose terrain or whether you’re working in an office environment.

Evaluating the Tactical Research Khyber Hybrid Mountain Boot

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