Unfortunately, the Tactical Research Kiowa line was discontinued by Belleville in 2011.. It was the first lineup of models from the tactical research boot company and represented some of the most cutting boot designs that have influenced the future models in the company’s design lineup today. It features a low-profile outsole for very precise activities such as balancing climbing, clot running, rappelling down ropes, climbing up walls. These are extremely daunting tasks which are difficult to do in a clumsy combat boot. The tactical research key à la line was a game changer and received welcome appreciation from police officers and military worldwide. The trend in military footwear has gone into smaller, low-profile, lighter footwear that we can still meet the high demands of military requirements and service in the field but can offer soldiers huge advantages in comfort, and durability which are completely from different from the military requirements of the past. Whether you’re very for deployments in Afghanistan and operating in desert environments where it is Rocky and grip and stability are the key drivers of the type of footwear that you require. Tactical research boots have a model of for your specific need. Many of the law enforcement personnel that operate in urban environments have had great success with many of these models. Many good reviews and accolades have been taken into account when designing the next generation of tactical footwear and design considerations. Tactical boots have also gone from product improvements such as going from a steel toe to a lightweight composite toe which offers the same amount of crushing resistance while having the advantages of being lightweight, less heat conducting, and also safe for use around electrical equipment or electromagnetic magnetic equipment such as x-rays and airport machines

Features of the Tactical Research Kiowa Multicam Boots

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