When it comes to selecting the correct boot for the correct application, it is very difficult to narrow down your selection to a specific model. Tactical Research ABU Boots are some of the best in their class. Today we are comparing the Tactical Research Kiowa to the Khyber. These are are completely different boots made for completely different missions. Tactical Research has been producing some of the best quality footwear for the specific professional for many years now. They have achieved great recognition amongst the law enforcement and military community and are well respected as having excellent quality at an excellent value. The Tactical Research Kiowa was one of the first boots to be released by the Belleville shoe company. This boot incorporated many of the modern day a manufacturing techniques and top-quality shoe materials in existence today. It also borrows from the Belleville shoe factory which is located in an Illinois. This style of military boot was designed with a low-profile body such that agility and balance and very sensitive tasks would be achieved very well. It has a streamlined outsole and a tapered upper made out of high-quality cowhide suede which provides adequate protection in most environments. Army troops likes this boot and specifically ask for it. The Tactical Research TR696z boot was not designed for intense physical training as conventional combat boots provide more cushioning and are heavier and bulkier. This Tactical Research Abu boots was reviewed by the United States military and received accolades for its well constructed design and durability during military missions. As a comparison, the Tactical Research Khyber boot was created as a more rugged boot that added several ounces of weight but presented the advantages of being a more durable all-purpose boot. Both boots come with the patented TR – one midsole which provides excellent foot support and eliminates hotspots and potential blisters and other foot problems such as plantar fasciitis. Both are excellent choices and constructed in the same factory in China to Belleville’s high standards and utilizes only the most modern manufacturing techniques and quality control. When thinking about a military deployment, Tactical research ABU boots are one of the top contenders.

Reviewing the Tactical Research ABU Boots

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