The Tactical Research Khyber boot was first released in 2009 and was one of the first tactical boots of its kind. Prior to that many boots on the market were of the traditional size and work clunky, large, heavy and clumsy. In today’s precise environment, agility is important for mission success. I think in the past many soldiers just accepted the fact that there gear Limited there abilities and they were they just lived with those limitations. Times have changed and a lot of boot companies have listened to customer feedback. The Belleville shoe company garnered feedback from the military, SWAT teams, law enforcement, police departments and factored all of those likes and dislikes in prior to designing the Tactical Research Khyber boot. This boot features three different models. The first basic model is a black lace up that is designed for use in hot weather. All three models feature an aggressive outsole which is ideal for physical tasks such as running crawling row propelling and traversing down inclines or declines. They also offer a side zipper model which is very convenient for professionals on the go. A a zipper keeper is included to minimize any type of capturing or bumping up on objects. The third model features a Gore-Tex, waterproof bootie and does very well in rainy or wet weather. Him all three models have received excellent reviews in the field. A security professionals love this boot because it is light, offers great support, and is lightweight due to a EVA upper. Several police departments have purchased these boots specifically for their officers. So that really goes to show what a great product this is and how times have changed and the traditional military boot that weighed 3 pounds and required polishing, maintenance and were extremely uncomfortable is a thing of the past. We live in a very modern time with conveniences and comforts him and technology has made it possible to own a pair of high-performance boot and a excellent value. These boots used color choices you get the stage was what I have here or you can get desert tan or black. The website says these boots weigh in at 1 pound. You can purchase these from click here. These Tactical Research Khyber boots are much lighter than Belleville boots by 3 ounces and there’s no lining inside the boot. This helps with the way and also the big boots of course are not waterproof in a day.  Soldiers complain a side braid holes here yeah but it’s not waterproof anyways so that works out great for me. Military issue turn to these boots which I bought them I did a lot of reading and read a lot of the reviews that were online. On different websites that Amazon website of the main complaints people getting heel blisters. In there and I can maybe understand where that’s coming from because if you look letter stitching coming apart. There’s actually another piece inside there and leather material sandwich together. In between there there’s obviously something that’s fairly stiff and hard if you see. I’m pushing down into that it’s really stiff and hard compared to like the side of the boot. The Army wanted soft and pliable and it was the same way there’s something right there. Soldiers on deployment that you can physically feel that there’s something in there that they put in less different.  I don’t know if it’s another piece of leather or what I was going to have to tell him you use these boots. Tactical teams want to see the Tactical Research Khyber if I have that same problem another thing.

Soldiers Love the Tactical Research Khyber Boot

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