The Tactical Research Minimil boot was designed for a specific audience. Type of boot goes back to a minimalistic standpoint where man once walked barefoot from heel to toe and had a different walking method then today. With the advantages of modern day footwear, a man’s method of walking is slightly different. This is really due to the heightened heel drop and cushioning support that you modern day boot or shoe does provide. The Tactical Research Minimil offers protection and month minimalistic fashion because it does provide adequate a suede upper for protecting from foot abrasions and rubbing up against objects. Also the soul is a very thin, unsupported soul which allows arch movement and for the wearer to feel the full motion of the stepping motion. Soldiers in the field generally train with his boot to strengthen lower body extremities and muscles in the feet that are important for him abilities to improve agility and balance. This is something that is not achieved through conventional footwear. Conventional footwear provides too much cushioning and support of which is advantageous in the long term for protecting the wearer’s feet and reducing fatigue throughout the course of the day. However balance and agility to suffer because the wearer begins to depend on the boot up for these abilities and is not able to develop them within their own body. The Tactical Research Minimil has been battle tested and is typically used in training on such as obstacle course training and military physical training. It is not a boot that is recommended for use of an operation or on the battlefield. It is also definitely not a boot recommended for long walks or Rocky as of fatigue will set in very quickly and the wearer’s endurance will be challenged. All in all it is an excellent boot for a specific use but that comes at a price that not every user is comfortable with. Office use for this boot is fine but we do not recommend this boot for use in intense physical activity or operations.

The Tactical Research Minimil: Not Your Everyday Boots

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