Type color styling on it it just really looks good goes well with jeans or with tactical pants very comfortable when you’re out and about it doesn’t really scream tactical because of the color and it’s just a really solid boot any kind of cars go guys I don’t really know of any cons you know if you get a good full leather boot all the times they will hold up for a long long time for years and years boots like this with a lot of the man-made materials even though they’re excellent there’s a lot of great properties these will probably wear a little more than just the solid leather this type of desert tan military boot but I think it’s just excellent check out the 5-11 house eons and I want to think 511 know they got in touch with me and just asked me if I wanted to do some different reviews and one of the things that was really looking for was a good pair of boots so I chose these specifically from the 511 line anything they’re just they just said the pooch me to test out and checked out and I’m okay what guys you’ll be seeing these a lot more lot of times this month that I was using these boots and shooting and doing a lot of testing that I just didn’t get shots to the boots solid month I have worn These Boots everyday say what for the next solid month I’ll be wearing these everyday and I see continuing to wear these boots for a long time there are cheaper boots out of the market but guys when you can put on a pair of boots and there is no break-in period where they fit just right that you can wear for a solid month and you love them just as much now as you do when you put them on that speaks a lot for quality and I 129 maybe a little more expensive than some of the other offerings they’re out there but you’re not going to beat it for the price and guys your feet are important be strong be of good courage God Bless America long live the republic

Top 10 Combat Boots

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