Under Armour has made quite a name for themselves in recent years. They’ve expanded from selling apparel and footwear used for sports to merchandise for military and law enforcement. They’re tactical boots have received great reviews in the law enforcement community and there’s a good reason why. Under Armour boots Here we have the Under Armour side zipper tactical boot the one you want dealing with laces. This under armour boots model gives you a hot weather boot with the side zippers it’s easy to get on and off and you’ll be able to get into your boots quickly and easily. Under Armour’s quality construction on this through the upper and sole is full grain leather that’s water-resistant well that’s good that looks good while you’re on duty on the bottom is the Vibram rubber lugged outsole to give you traction in this out so will last a long time where is 6 inch duty boots at the easy to where you’re really going to like this one. This military inspired duty boot is extremely lightweight design for rigorous work performance. It’s top quality features a polished whole section and it only weighs 15 ounces. It requires a fast drying material to ventilation holes on the outside the speed eyelets in need of help with Under Armour boot fabric. The 550 grade nylon cord laces are starting the route has a rough ETA rubber outsole resistant slip spoiled heat abrasion and chemicals as well as metal chips. An airport cushioned foot bed doesn’t break down or lose its shape and circulate air with every step. The Under Armour boot trainer was designed for light duty use and comes in tan, coyote brown, sage green, and black this particular boot. It weighs in at 15 ounces which is one of the crowning features. Another feature that the usual find very helpful to the comfort of food is a enhanced and so it’s the airport foot bed which is utilized in our most popular is to the combat version it’s four millimeters thicker than the traditional DOD foot but it’s got its own on front toe protector so that you know I can experience sole separation. This under armour boots has got a large portion in the back of the outside when you take your boots off and not going to peel off the soul it’s got a great ventilation system as you can see by the port on the out portion in the inside portion it dries extremely quickly. A 550 cord lacing system will last you for extended periods. It’s a two-pole system it also has a padded collar so that you can experience comfort within the back of the scenery in the front portion as well and it’s got a ventilated tongue heel used during combat operations.

Under Armour Boots: Tactical Excellence

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